Heavy rains every day. Beating winds. Mudslides and floods. This is the rainy season in Haiti. Imagine trying to get through it in a shelter made of a few sticks, sheets, and a tarp. Your clothes are constantly wet. Mosquitoes and parasites everywhere. Malaria, cholera, and typhoid are spreading…

This will become reality for thousands of people in Haiti in a few short weeks. But if we act now, we can build shelters for many. 

A few wooden sticks and plastic tarps are the only things standing between this woman and her baby and the elements.

What Can You Do?

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ARC is already working with Haitians to build transitional shelters for 2,000 families. But we’ve just learned of an additional 3,000 vulnerable families who need shelter.

They are living in the rubble near Terrain Acra, the 15,000-person settlement we manage in Port-au-Prince. And if we don’t help them, no one will. 

We need to raise $1,000 per family. That’s how much it costs to build a shelter.

We’ve got a shelter design, top shelter experts on the ground, and plenty of Haitian laborers who desperately want to work. All we need is a way to pay them and buy the supplies. Will you help?

If we don’t get people into shelters soon, Haiti will suffer a new emergency. The stick-and-tarp shelters people are living in now will wash away. Disease will run rampant. An estimated 37,000 people could die in mudslides and floods.

We are acting fast to move people in Terrain Acra to shelters in safer locations nearby. And we’re clearing water drainage canals to reduce the risk of flooding with the help of a partner organization, Solidarité.

We need your help to build more shelters. We are committed to making the most effective use of your money. To read about how our donors have helped so far in Haiti, read our report.

Haitians need your help now. The rains won’t wait. Please take action today. Thank you.

An example of one of the transitional shelters we’re constructing for families in Haiti. Each shelter is 192 square feet and takes 1 day to construct. They are earthquake resistant and are built to withstand hurricanes, termites, fungus and rot.

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We know 3,000 families who need shelter. These people will help us clear rubble and construct their own shelters.
What We Need:
$25 Sledgehammers
$45 Wheelbarrows
$100 Equipment for heavy debris
$1,000 Material and Labor for 1 shelter