Milia Visit to Terrain Acra 
Deputy Secretary General Dr. Asha Rose Migiro visited the 10,000 person camp we manage in Port-au-Prince.

[Above: Deputy Secretary General Migiro (left) tours Terrain Acra with ARC's Camp Manager Simona Palenga (white t-shirt)]

On Saturday, April 10, Deputy Secretary General Dr. Asha Rose Migiro visited Terrain Acra settlement in Port-au-Prince.

The American Refugee Committee has been managing this camp of 10,000 people since January, providing medical care, distributing shelter supplies, constructing and running child-friendly spaces, and coordinating the overall relief effort for this group of people. During this time, we've also been providing services to thousands in the neighborhoods surrounding the camp.

Dr. Migiro toured Terrain Acra with ARC's Camp Manager Simona Palenga. She spoke with children and adults in the camp and addressed the men and women who make up the Camp Committee - residents of the camp who represent the needs of the entire community.

While she was at Terrain Acra, Dr. Migiro attended a theatrical performance put on in the camp by a Haitian street theater group - the performance addressed some of the pyscho-social issues that earthquake survivors are dealing with.

She also walked among the collapsed homes nearby Terrain Acra - the homes of many of those who currently live in the camp.

See a photo album that includes some photos from Dr. Migiro's visit.

The American Refugee Committee is working hard to get all of the residents of Terrain Acra (as well as people living in surrounding neighborhoods) into shelters that will protect them from the rainy season.


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